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Alston Angling Association beats cover almost eleven miles of the Upper South Tyne salmon and sea trout fishings. The Upper South Tyne flows through an AONB, with a variety of pools and runs, fast rushing in places, with deep holding pools and nice fly water in others.


The river is a true spate river, drawing its waters from the Northern Pennines, the river fishes best on a falling water.


The fishings begin at Lambley viaduct and extend up river to Alston, some beats are not managed by us and visitors should study the maps of the beats.


Salmon and sea trout are sought from June onwards and these early fish have often run through the Tyne system very quickly and are in prime condition. Good numbers of fresh fish enter these beats given fresh water, for the rest of the season.


These beats cannot be used for professional services or angling-related business.


Fishing on Alston Anglers Association water requires a valid permit.


Day tickets

Day tickets are available from FishPal booking site and also the Tyne Angling Passport scheme scheme.


Season tickets

No concessionary tickets are available.


Season Visitor: £130

Visiting Junior: £60 (Junior tickets are valid up to 18 years of age)


Please note that we currently run a waiting list for season visitors. If you would like to join the waiting list, please contact us and we'll add you on.


Season Resident: £50

Resident Junior: Free (Junior tickets are valid up to 18 years of age)


Season ticket payment


By PayPal

We'd much prefer payment for season tickets by a recurring paypal subscription. It's both easier for the season ticket holder and also for us when we're managing who paid and when!


Paying by PayPal is as easy as pressing this button!



By Cheque

We do also accept cheques, if you want to pay by cheque could you please send your subscriptions by March 31st each year to:
K. Little, Angel Inn, Front Street, Alston, Cumbria, CA9 3HU



This map is reproduced here for illustration purposes only and is subject to change.


Zoom in for a more detailed look or feel free to print out and keep the maps for when you're out on the riverbank.



Sweethope stillwater competition now for all resident ticket holders!
4th September 2015
We've opened up the stillwater competition at Sweethope reservoir to ALL resident ticket holders.
Slight amendment to season visitors
9th May 2015
It has been pointed out to us a small error on our part with the season visitors. New season visitors are currently added to a waiting list we run. Sorry for any confusion that was caused!
Grassholme still water competition
1st May 2015
Don't forget that our still water any method competition is at the end of this month! As usual it's being held at Grassholme reservoir and is open to all resident tickets holders only. I suspect there might be a few drinks at the Langdon Beck on the way back as well (it's on the way back after all)
Saturday 30th May 2015 - 9am - 4.30pm - Grassholme reservoir.
New site
19th February 2015
We're proud to announce the new Alston Anglers Association website! We'll hopefully be updating this site with events for your calendar, any news and some new maps of our beat soon!


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Ken Little

Angel Inn, Front Street, Alston, Cumbria, CA9 3HU




Bob Lowry


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